Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who's Right?

Are we saved because we chose Christ or because God has chosen us?

In a debate like this, someone is right and someone is wrong. There is a lot at stake when we are talking about our faith and the way God works in that faith. To be wrong is not an option, no matter what side you’re on. If you are wrong, you are a fool. If you are wrong, you’re the problem and the cause of all the disunity that results. If you’re wrong on this, you could just as easily be wrong on anything and you will prove that your thinking is not “anointed” or even truthful. No, wrong is not an option.

Some will try to resolve this tension with arguments that both are right. They will point to the passages in scripture that seem to be in conflict and support both positions and say that the middle ground is somewhere in-between the arguments. Really? Could it be that simple?

  • Should we baptize infants or wait until they chose Christ? Right or wrong
  • Should we worship on Sunday or Saturday? Right or wrong
  • Should we baptize with immersion or some other mode? Right or wrong
  • Should we speak in tongues at conversion or not? Right or wrong
  • Should social justice be our work or proselytizing? Right or wrong

Is Jesus the way of salvation or something else?

We need to remember the main unifying truth about being the church and realize that though we will all feel differently on these important but peripheral secondary issues, they should not break our unity. We have allowed the response to the corruption of the Catholic Church (the reformation) develop into denominationalism. This denominationalism was created and is about division. A healthier model would be diversity and though some champion that thought in defense of the denominationalism we have today, it’s a pile of rubbish (to use Paul’s profanity).

Yes, someone is right and someone is wrong, but so what. I must allow my brothers and sisters to have the same freedom I request, to study the Scriptures and do my best to understand them and adjust my life to their teaching. Let’s us be united in Christ and his redemptive work.

Here's the diagram from Sunday morning that I tried to recreate on the computer.


Anonymous said...

Who's Right? . . . I am. I think.

Pastor Doug said...

Good one

Steve Peterson said...

It appears that there are some concepts that will always have more than one answer among men. We can argue our points to try and win the battle only to lose the war.

I believe that true Christians can all agree, that God is Love, and that the greatest commandments, as defined by Jesus, are, simply put, to Love God and Love Others. So, with this as our mutual Christian foundation, maybe our denominational differences are challenges for us to overcome, in an evolutionary process by which we grow in our ability to tolerate and love others as God first loved us. Idk. Just a thought. What do you think, Doug?

Anonymous said...

WAIT ! How did we Mennonites end up on the bottom of the chart. That's just a load of crap.... err, I mean rubbish.

ps: I'm right, I know I am. (I can be right on the fence...right?)

Pastor Doug said...

I think you're right. It's tough now that we are in our denominational mess but I believe the winds of change are starting to blow. I may not see it in my lifetime but some day we will be one again. If not through our efforts, certainly at the return of Christ. I look forward to that day!