Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alright, I don’t like to get political, but the news last week in regards to Citi Bank has got me a bit hot under the collar! I know times are tough and it seems downright wrong for people to lose their jobs just weeks before Christmas, but I understand that that is just the way it goes some times. I have friends that work at Citi and the layoffs become a lot more personal when they affect people you know. The thing that got me so upset was after the 306 billion dollar bail out, people I know were looking at getting laid-off and Citi was contracting with the Rose Bowl…OMG! I don’t know how much Citi paid to “present the Rose Bowl”, but it seems like there might be a few families that would appreciate their jobs back instead. I know marketing is expensive and necessary, but this one seems a little too much too soon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How can different churches from different denominations get along? When I say get along, I mean love and respect the diversity in traditions as well as theological bents. I find it interesting that each denomination believes they are correct in their theological views and the emphasis they put on those views and that others are somehow missing the boat in some way. What are the odds that each of us just happened to show up at the right church. The vast majority of people in the pews (regardless of denomination) could never communicate the difference between them and another denomination, let alone defend their church’s position. Very few people theologically dissect a church and agree with all it’s perspectives before attending. Most people just attend and are then taught the position of the church. They “buy in” and then become that brand.

Obviously, everyone cannot be right on this one, but could everyone be wrong?