Thursday, August 22, 2013


Selfy Bobble Head gift for 15 years of ministry!

This month I had the privilege of celebrating my 15th year at Hillcrest Church. It’s hard to believe that at 43-years-old I started there at age 28 (just a kid)! The national average that pastors stay at their church is 3.6 years, so to surpass that by 400% is exciting and humbling. It takes a commitment from a both the church and the pastor to experience and benefit from that kind of longevity. The 3.6 year average is nothing to celebrate for the church or for the pastor. Ministry can be messy but when the church and the pastor commit to being there for each other even when there are bad times, you have an illustration of the kind of love Christ has for the church and for people. It’s easy to get mad and frustrated with each other and part ways, but to stick in there and love each other through each other’s sin, failures and shortcomings is a beautiful picture of grace. It’s by God’s grace that I have put up with Hillcrest and it is by God’s grace that they have put up with me. This grace has blossomed a love that you can’t experience or foster in 3.6 years. Thank you, Hillcrest, for loving my family and for loving me. We are fortunate to have you and look forward to every moment God has us together. May he receive all the glory that comes from the love of the saints!