Thursday, May 07, 2009

What happens when someone gives? I believe the heart of God can only be fully tapped into when someone gives. It is through the gift of time and significant resources that we "get" what sacrifice is and see what salvation looks like. Giving sacrificially is done by so few and it's seems to be becoming more scarce. Our culture of spending and material necessities squelch our God created desire to give. As a culture, we give when disaster hits, but a few weeks later we go right back to hording. I truly believe that if followers of Christ would take the risk and start giving, they would discover a side of faith that they never knew was there, a side that cannot be discovered without great sacrifice; because when you do give, you do receive and it's a gift that breathes life into your soul.

This last week my church, Hillcrest, did something to prime the pump. They gave out envelopes with $500 cash inside each one. As people are giving it away, they are seeing the joy of giving and seeing the need to continue the practice. Some may not get it, but some are and I believe that once you prime the pump, the life giving water should continue to flow. I'm excited to see what happens, not only with the $500, but what happens in the lives of people after.