Friday, February 04, 2011

Free Will

Free Will (get it)
Do you believe there is free will, I mean real free will where you get to choose what you will do and there is no outside influence that forces you to do one thing or another? Do you like the idea that you are free? I find it interesting that I want freedom when I want to do my own thing. I don’t want God to force me to always do what he wants me to do, otherwise I might miss out on some great sin opportunities along the way (note sarcastic tone). Of course then there are those times when I find myself getting mad at God because he didn’t step in and rescue me from some horrible situation. In fact, though I like my freedom I find that every time I ask God the “why” questions, I’m really wondering why God does not interrupt my freedom and freedom of others when the end result is pain.

So…I want it both ways but only when it suits me. I guess I have forgotten my place as a part of God’s creation and I have elevated myself to divine consultant or super important opinion giver. I forget that Jesus warned me before embarking on this journey of faith. He told us that the life of faith would bring suffering and gave us dozens of examples in the Scriptures. I have also forgotten that none of us do very well with free will; I mean our super-great grandparents, Adam and Eve, did a terrible job with their free will!

I need God’s intervention and I want to be trusted to make good choices. The news paper is filled with reports of so many who do poorly with their free will. But I also see how others have brought the Kingdom near as they have used their free will to be the hands and feet of Christ to the place God put them. I also see how God intervenes and his desire to save all of us from out poor choices will not be thwarted by those choices. Christ died on a cross while those he died for called for his crucifixion. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Today I have free will and today I need God’s intervention. What do you think? Are you truly free?


Anonymous said...

chatroll... can't work it... back to old fashion comments :)

Free will is one of those things that blows my mind. It's a bigger gift than a lush inheritance and moving out of the house when you turn 18.. although that's a pretty good slimily. (but Jesus got first dibs with that prodigal son story.)

The trust God gives us (clearly more than mere animals) is that our soul can do great good (or damage) through our free will. We were born with an innate desire to gain a key to a Kingdom. And along the way our free will runs into the things God performs, prefers, and permits…all so that somehow we will get by an buckets of grace and God will (and most often does) take our good, bad, and ugly turning it into something that will Glorify Him.

I am very dangerous with my free will. It’s humbling when I think about it too long.

Pastor Doug said...

I agree. The Scriptures are full of stories about curse and blessing. This is always directly connected to our choice and our free will. BTW - I appreciate the Clint Eastwood reference "...take our good, bad, and ugly turning it into something that will Glorify Him."

Anonymous said...

OK - very funny (Clint). Poor Clint, I hope God pulls a last stitch effort go get that guy at our party.