Thursday, June 20, 2013


Polarization is never good. Today we live in a country where two side are so deeply entrenched in their own rhetoric and talking points, no one is willing to move. Are you a Democrat or a Republican, a Liberal or a Conservative? When politics are decided based on what side you stand on instead of good ideas weighed against their own merit, you have the wasteland we now call American Politics.

As we have gone through The Story in our Sunday morning services, this polarization reminds me of the split between Israel and Judah. Over the centuries both sides tried to demonize the opposition and see themselves as claiming the moral/spiritual high-ground. What did it get them? A good beating by the Assyrians and Babylonians and a lost Ark that even Indiana Jones can't find.

Our problem today and the problem back then is pride and the cure is humility. Can you imagine humility in our national politics? Can you imagine our President owning up to a mistake and agreeing that the Republican have a good idea or hearing the Tea Party agree that there is a place for government in social justice issues? Hardly! So where is our hope?

My hope rests in my relationship with Jesus. I will live the Kingdom whether or not it's legal or already being done in some government program. I will love others whether or not conservative or liberals decide it's valuable. I'm going to live out being a follower of Christ because I'm following the example and command of my Savior. I can do this in the US, China, North Korea or even Canada! My faith and my call to love others is not dependant on the laws of the society I live in. Sure, I'd love America to have a biblical world view but I don't need it to have a biblical world view.

So, call me a liberal or a makes no difference to me...the labels don't stick to my faith. How about yours?

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