Sunday, March 06, 2011

Consider Your Ways

Here in America, we are about things and comfort. It is our cultural belief that things will bring us comfort and in the moment they sure do. We will spare no expense to avoid suffering and we want more than mom or dad ever had and we want it in our teens. We forget how long it took our parents to amass all that they enjoyed in their later years. As Americans we feel very strongly that we should have the car we want, a TV that is bigger than our waist line (which is getting harder to do), hours of TV time, vacations to the best of places, the same clothing the stars wear and houses with a room for every activity. But why? Does it make life better? Can money make us happy?

So what do you think God thinks about this American Dream? Is this what he had in mind when he created us? I know the answer to this question but I don’t like answering it because it then forces me to take inventory and in doing so I just might get convicted. Conviction is the pits because it forces you to change or rationalize and justify wrong behavior. We all know we should give more to God, but we don’t. We all know that we should do more for others, but we don’t.

Or do we? There is a cool thing that happens to a person who learns about Christ and allows that knowledge to change them. All of the sudden you start to think differently and act strangely. Before I became a Christ follower, I never gave to God, but now I do and I do it because I know it is all his already and I’m being obedient to his request. Before I became a Christ follower, I did serve others but I was actually serving myself, patting myself on the back and making sure others noticed. Today I serve because I know God loves all people and he has asked me to be his hands and feet in this world and to continue the ministry he was doing here.

Can I do better? Yes, only about 99% better, but I do see that Christ has changed me in some ways and I look forward to seeing more changes as I work hard to be changed.

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