Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I had decided that back in June of this year, I wouldn’t post to this blog as long as I’m posting to the Read through the Bible with Hillcrest blog every day but today it changes. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I’m a bit touchy and the people close to me are giving me the space I require on days like this. I’m ticked with the same old ridiculous Christmas schedules and focus. It seems like everyone is unhappy with their business and just wishes they could slow down and spend time with family and other “more important” things. The truth is that none of what they don’t do is important to them. They use their business to justify and excuse their behavior and negligence of what Christmas really is.

Christmas is not about giving gifts. In fact giving gifts does nothing to draw us closer to Christ or remember his birth.

Christmas is not about traditions as most traditions have little to nothing to do with drawing us closer to Jesus or connecting with his birth.

Hold on to your hats for this one because it’s going to gain me negative popularity points and is sacrilegious. Christmas isn’t about family and being together. (now is when you can hear a pin drop).

Seriously, the best way we can come up with to celebrate the birth of Grace is to hold a family reunion. I mean, it’s great and all, but it’s not Christmas. It’s wonderful to hang with friends and be with family, but it’s not Christmas.

Sometimes I wish we could just wash the slate clean and start again but that’s not going to happen. So try in some way to slow down and stop being so busy that you can’t celebrate that Jesus was born. If family is around, have them join you in a happy birthday song or bake a birthday cake. I in no way want to spoil or rain on Christmas Spirit, but I will if it replaces the reason for Christmas in the first place.

So put that in your pipe St Nick and smoke that one!

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Just me, Lulu said...

Oh boy, I know this feeling...

Did we all just get sick of it all at the same time? It is a thing about turning 40 and getting real about life? Or over reflective (and a little cynical)? Will things feel even more out of balance as this world makes another 365 journey around the sun? hummm...

From one nutcase to another, I think this feeling of "bah humbug" with Christmas chaos is normal. Too much of a good thing causes a tummy ache.